From adapting to anticipating change, today’s competitive business environment requires enterprises to create change to stay ahead. Assisting clients to achieve this drives our team of skilled professionals at Archon. We bring the full spectrum of securing, assimilating and deploying IT solutions that are in sync with your business strategies.


At Archon, we provide services and technology solutions that enable and support the end-user computing environment. Our team understands your requirements, business concerns, growth plans and application areas to arrive at the right solution to fit your requirements and at the same time provide value for money.

Warranty extension/ upgrade options are also available for onsite support and extended support for all client computing solutions.

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Digital transformation is redefining the requirements of businesses across industries rapidly. A key challenge facing every business is deciding on how to identify the right mix of infrastructure and cloud-based services to deliver seamless digital solutions to their customers. We can help! Archon provides a wide range of servers, storage systems, data center management solutions and integrated systems to help you set up the ideal IT infrastructure for your organization.


Are you looking to modernize your business's data center infrastructure? At Archon, we plan and execute deployment on any scale to organizations ranging from SMBs to enterprises, providing customized solutions – be it application assessments or full turnkey solutions.


As businesses expand, there is a need for deploying and managing servers that are high-performance. Every server application is unique and requires an expert understanding of components that will deliver the best performance. At Archon, we understand the importance of competent server solutions to run crucial enterprise applications and are happy to help you choose a server that is perfectly tailored to meet your requirements.

Thinking of acquiring a server for your business, but don’t know where to start?

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Hyperscale Computing

More and more enterprises are turning to hyperscale computing in order to cater to their escalating processing and storage needs. Hyperscale solutions represent the scale-out design of IT systems and deliver the most cost-effective approach to tackle a demanding set of requirements, such as edge computing or big data analytics. With reduced operational costs and improved throughput, hyperscale computing can increase revenues and act as a pivotal solution to modernizing your data center.

Build a single, scalable compute architecture that suits your business goals.

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Composable Infrastructure

Do you spend too much time managing your organization’s infrastructure? Modern IT departments need to deliver adaptability and agility, in order to meet the business demands faster. Which is why composable infrastructure - a cutting edge software-defined technology - presents itself as the ideal choice to growing businesses. With compute, storage and networking resources moved from their physical locations and managed through a web-based interface, you can achieve faster development and deployment, and optimal application performance.

Deploy IT resources quickly for any workload through a single interface.

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Storage and Data Management

When your data is increasing at a massive rate, it’s difficult to decide on your best options for capturing and managing it. We can help you identify strategies to store and safeguard your data while also bringing down costs, negating security threats and finding new opportunities to grow your business.

At Archon we deploy various comprehensive and cost-effective storage and data management solutions.

Storage Solutions

Data has revolutionized the way businesses perform, which means that you need the right data storage solutions to take advantage of it. Whether it’s applying AI and ML to gain business insights, deploying applications to enhance data mobility, or identifying new methods to improve your data protection, Archon offers solutions to address all modern data requirements.

Thinking of acquiring a server for your business, but don’t know where to start?

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Server Consolidation

Wondering how to make more efficient use of your hardware and resources? Reducing the number of servers through server consolidation you require is definitely one. Consolidation makes it possible to share a server’s compute resources among multiple applications and services simultaneously. Your business will experience a wide range of savings and benefits with the right server consolidation solutions.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Backup impacts customer business concerns more than ever now. With cyber threats on the rise and the general tolerance towards downtime becoming lesser and lesser, disaster recovery and business continuity planning gains utmost importance for enterprises today. At Archon, we can help you minimise the risk of data loss, while keeping your organisation safe from interruptions of any kind - be it power failures, system crashes, supply chain problems and more.

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