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Transforming your IT infrastructure into a strategic advantage is no longer a luxury for growing businesses, it’s the norm. Whether you are moving from physical to virtual or going to cloud, it’s important to focus on areas that will help your business unlock value. Leverage Archon’s extensive offerings and end-to-end capabilities in order to realize the true impact of digital transformation.

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If there’s one technology that can reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all businesses of all sizes, it’s virtualization. By using a single physical server to run multiple virtual servers, you can bring down operational expenses and accelerate deployment. It also helps you to eliminate over-provisioning, increase server utilization and centralize server management, essentially transforming the way your business utilizes infrastructure technology.

Virtualization helps your business:

Benefits of virtualization in Business -Archon IT

Reduce Costs

Virtualization lowers your need for physical infrastructure.

Advantages of the Virtualization- Archon IT

Enhance Uptime

It guarantees better backup, recovery and uptime for your applications.

Virtualization helps in business development

Deploy Faster

Take advantage of a seamless, cloud-like infrastructure deployment model.

How virtualization benefits/advantages to business

Minimize Risks

Host applications within a dedicated environment to reduce risks.

Archon’s team of virtualization experts stay up-to-date on the latest technology, upgrades and tools to ensure the availability, performance and security of your applications. Contact us today with your questions and challenges.

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Cloud Computing

It’s getting increasingly difficult for businesses, big or small, to remain competitive without adopting a cutting edge cloud solution. The good news is it’s never too late to get in the cloud, be it either by creating your own private cloud or using a third party cloud infrastructure. By moving to cloud computing, enterprises are setting up what is essentially a virtual office, giving yourself the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time.

Benefits of cloud computing:

what are advantages of cloud computing ArchonIT

Low Costs

Instead of using expensive systems for your business, you can leverage the IT resources of your cloud service provider.

Benefits of the cloud computing ArchonIT

Flexibility & Scalability

Businesses can access cloud services from anywhere and scale solutions to fit their needs better.

what are features cloud computing ArchonIT


Cloud computing offers advanced security features that guarantee your data will be stored and handled securely.

what are advantages of could computing to business  ArchonIT


Unlike traditional
on-premises systems, cloud-based data can be easily stored, retrieved and processed.

Still wondering how to implement cloud computing into your IT operations? At Archon, we simplify decisions by providing creative solutions in a multi-cloud world. Our team of experienced professionals are happy to handhold the transition of your IT infrastructure into a cloud environment.

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While cloud computing continues to reshape network architecture, businesses are starting to discover the benefits of doing more compute and analytics on the devices themselves. Edge computing takes enterprise applications closer to where the data is generated - either by local edge servers or by IoT devices. This approach helps reduce latency for critical applications, lower dependence on the cloud, and better tackle the massive amounts of data being generated.

Benefits of edge computing:

what are advantages of edge computing ArchonIT

Speed & Latency

Data analysis at the edge eliminates latency, which leads to faster response times.

Benefits of the edge computing ArchonIT


Operations will not be affected by the loss of connection to the cloud.

Features of the edge computing ArchonIT


More devices can be deployed along with their processing and data management tools in a single implantation.

advantages of having edge computing in business ArchonIT


When data is analyzed locally, it remains protected by the on-premise enterprise security solution.

Archon helps you operate at the edge with confidence. Learn how to deploy low latency edge services on a reliable infrastructure and deliver high quality business user experiences.

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Software-defined Infrastructure

Having a faster and more reliable computing and storage strategy in place is no longer a dream for today's enterprises. Combine storage, compute and networking into a single system with software-defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions. By being hardware-agnostic and reducing data center complexity, SDI helps your business streamline management, consolidate resources and minimize operational costs.

Why SDI?

advantages of the software defined infrastructure(SDI) ArchonIT

Faster Deployment

Deploy infrastructure inside minutes, enabling IT teams to focus on applications and services powering your business.

Benefits  of the software defined infrastructure(SDI) ArchonIT

Improved Performance

With SDI, organizations can deploy multiple applications and workloads in a single shared resource pool.

Features of the software defined infrastructure(SDI) ArchonIT

High Flexibility

SDI enables you to run multiple workloads with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

what are importance  of the software defined infrastructure(SDI)

Efficient Storage

Data storage and protection are part of the SDI, making the process simpler and more efficient.

Archon’s SDI solutions support a wide set of application deployment models to help your business run your mission-critical apps more efficiently. Discover how to simplify management and unleash the true power of your organization’s infrastructure.

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Robotic Process Automation

Today, businesses are keen to leverage automation - whether in its most minimal form or in its entirety. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that allows businesses to automate workflows or back office processes using machine intelligence, reducing errors and driving business agility. The ultimate goal of RPA is to replace mundane, repetitive and labour-intensive tasks performed by humans with a virtual workforce of software bots, freeing up the manpower for more intellectually demanding tasks.

Advantages of RPA:

what are advantages of the robotic process automation ArchonIT

High Scalability

RPA is easily scalable, can take on any task that is rules-based and defined by repeatable action.

what are benefits  of the robotic process automation ArchonIT

Cost Savings

When business processes are automated, they can be performed faster and at a much lower operational costs.

How use full  the robotic process automation ArchonIT

Reduced Risks

RPA reduces the rate of errors during operations by avoiding purely human errors.

Features  of the robotic process automation ArchonIT

Better Control

With RPA, the work remains mostly in-house, helping businesses keep maximum possession.

At Archon, we are happy to help you assess, implement and extend your automation journey to achieve measurable business outcomes. Our certified RPA specialists and proven frameworks will help you make an informed investment decision based on realistic costs and benefits.

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